Tue. Jul 18th, 2023
inflatable air dancer

Getting people to your physical location is harder than ever. More people are using the web to order everything from food and clothes to books and movies. However, having foot traffic is important to the survival of every retail location that has a storefront, and these storefronts are vital to the survival of their neighborhoods. If you want to get people into your store, you have to know how to use the web correctly, how to get people from the outside to come in with signs and decorations like an inflatable dancing man, and how to keep them coming back for more.

Get the Web Right

If you can optimize your website, so that it brings in the income without having people at your store, you’re going to be doing okay. However, if you want to take the next step in profits, you need people to come to your location. When people are at a store, they spend more money because they are able to touch and hold items. They may also buy additional items on impulse. Use in-store only coupons and offers is one to bring people in. Click and collect is another. Some people may not want to wait for the mail to deliver their items; they’ll gladly come down to the store to pick up their package.

Get the Outside Right

Your store needs curb appeal. It should be clear that it is open and should look inviting. An inflatable air dancer can attract people from a long distance with its eye-catching movements and whimsy. A sandwich board can entice people on the sidewalk to come in; it can also make for a great, shareable social media post. Keep the outside maintained and friendly.

Get the Inside Right

An inflatable dancing man may get people into your store, but once they have arrived, you need to keep them. The experience that you offer customers will keep them coming back for more or keep them away. Great customer service just isn’t enough. You need to go above and beyond, for every guest, each and every time. Make sure your employees are trained correctly and doing their jobs right. Then figure out what kinds of experiences will enhance a guest’s time in your shop. A reading nook, a coffee bar, phone charging stations may all be part of the equation. You might also hold high-energy, positive events to bring in new customers.

By Roland

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