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Joker Rolling Papers

Your rolling papers are no joking matter! You want something that doesn’t cost too much, burns evenly, twists and conforms to your tobacco blend, and doesn’t rip during the rolling process. Joker rolling papers are perfect for this if you use them right. In this guide, we will walk you through the Joker Rolling Paper brand, what they can be used for, and how to buy them at the best prices online. Let’s get rolling, shall we? 

Why Use Rolling Papers to Roll Your Own Cigarettes

There are many reasons people use rolling papers to roll their own cigarettes, spliffs, or joints. For one, you get to select better rolling products. If you’re smoking cigarettes, this means you’ll get access to better tobacco blends, more flavor options, and better quality tobacco in general. Rolling tobacco is almost always fresher, moister, and more flavorful than the tobacco you’d get in a factory pack of cigarettes. 

Using RYO tobacco or pipe tobacco to roll a cigarette also saves you money. You can choose your own rolling papers, premium blends, and filters. Even when buying all of these things separately, you still end up saving more money on your hand-made cigarettes than you would by buying factory-made packs of cigarettes every day. 

Finally, rolling papers really let you customize things. You can select various sizes, styles, paper flavors, and more. This is really handy when smoking cannabis or unique smokable products. 

All About Joker Rolling Papers 

Now, let’s get into Joker Rolling Papers specifically. Where do they come from? What are these rolling papers best for? What kinds of Joker rolling papers are there? We’ll cover it all right here. 

The Origins of the Joker Brand

It all started back in the 1970s. Company founder Bob Stiller decided it was time for a more whimsical rolling paper option. He created the signature Joker packaging, which features a rather mischievous court jester with very colorful pants and checkered socks. These papers use a french rolling paper manufacturing technique and are produced in Belgium. 

They quickly became a favorite among RYO enthusiasts because of their light design, slow and even burn, and low price. Today, the Joker brand still offers an array of rolling papers to meet the needs of smokers around the world. 

What papers are available from Joker? A Joker Product Options List

The Joker brand makes a pretty good lineup of rolling papers. Below, we’ve listed out most of their rolling paper options so you can know what’s out there. 

Joker Pure Hemp 

This is the best rolling paper for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or both. The brand’s Joker Pure Hemp rolling papers are made with natural and pure hemp paper fibers. This means that they burn slow and create minimal ash. These papers are of medium thickness. They also taste really clean. If you’re rolling a joint or spliff and want to use the Joker brand, these are the papers to get. They come in a standard 1 1/4 size. 

Joker Single Wide

These are single wide papers made in the signature French Joker style. They are great for fine tobacco in hand-rolled cigarettes. 

Joker 1 ¼

These are 1 1/4 sized paper made primarily for hand-rolled cigarettes. 

Joker 1 ½

This is a slightly larger rolling paper option and is easier to roll with than some smaller sizes. 

Joker Light 

These are thinner and more lightweight rolling papers that burn a little faster but are great for those who like lighter paper options. 

Joker Original (1 1/4 Orange Box) 

These papers are made of a thin slowly burning paper recipe that is exclusive to Joker’s orange box. These papers aren’t strongly flavored and burn slow and clean.

Rolling Papers by Joker: Which Joker Brand Rolling Papers are the Best

While the best papers for you will generally be a matter of preference, we can definitely make some suggestions. Generally, for cigarettes, Joker’s original orange box rolling papers are the best. They’re a traditional and easy go-to. 

However, if you’re going to be rolling a joint or spliff, we highly recommend using their Hemp papers. This will give you a better taste and cooler burning smoke. For cannabis, Joker’s other paper options may be a bit too hot. The hemp papers help to tone down the heat, are easier to stuff and roll, burn slow and even, and hold together wonderfully. 

Buy Joker Rolling Papers Online is the Simplest Way to Save

The best way to figure out whether Joker papers are right for you is to try them out yourself. You can buy these papers online at significant discounts, so purchasing from a quality online tobacco retailer is definitely the best way to go. Plus, you can easily get a better product selection by buying online. Then, everything comes straight to your front door so you get to skip the trip to the smoke shop. 

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