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Name one thing that stays the same around the world. Need some clues? This particular thing has 52 units, in red and black. We’re talking about standard solitaire, which is available all over the world. The huge impact of this little thing is mainly due to its versatility, its portability and the dose of entertainment that comes with it.

Playing cards had an obscure beginning. What started out as a leaf used for games spread around the world and became what it is today: a deck of 52 cards divided into four suits and two colors. Although we have studied the evolution of playing cards, there are many unanswered questions about their colors.

Read on as we unravel the mystery of the red and black colors of modern playing cards.

Ancient Solitaire

According to many manuscripts and books, playing cards existed during the Tang Dynasty and the first game was played by the Tang Princess in 868. There are also many theories that playing cards were printed during their reign. By the 11th century, playing cards became widely popular in the Asian continent.

Poker entered European countries and became very popular in the 14th century. The European playing cards resemble the Mamluk cards and were quite popular in Egypt. These cards came in four different suits, namely cups, polo sticks, swords and coins.

By the 13th century, playing cards reached Italy and Germany, where the traditional Latin suits were replaced by leaves, bells, acorns and hearts. In 1480, a combination of Latin and German suits formed the French suit, namely hearts, tiles, clovers and spears.

The modern French suits are derived from the German suits, which include hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. While Mamluk, Latin and German suits have three male cards, French suits drop the knight and replace it with a female card, the queen. The most popular pattern on the French deck is the English pattern, also known as the Anglo-American pattern.

Four-color deck

Modern decks use red for the suit of hearts and diamonds, and black for the suit of clubs and spades. However, identifying these cards can be difficult and there is a high risk of playing the wrong cards in the game. Therefore, to avoid this confusion, these four suits are assigned different colors to distinguish them from each other. There are several different systems. For example, one particular system uses red for hearts, blue for diamonds, black for spades and green for clubs. Another system, inspired by the German set, uses red hearts, yellow diamonds, black clubs and green spades. You can also play rummy win cash on online platforms.

Four-color cards, also known as exempt cards, were specifically designed for trick-tracking games such as call bridge, jass and whist. In the early 20th century, many card manufacturers developed these four-color suit cards, especially for games such as bridge and poker. 

The significance of the black and red colors

Modern solitaire cards are printed with black and red inks. The other two inks are easily available and the least expensive compared to blue and green inks. Black ink is made from a mixture of soot and linseed oil. Red ink, on the other hand, is made from vermilion and linseed oil. Both inks are durable and will not fade in sunlight. According to other theories, red is used because it looks outstanding on a white sheet of paper. The copper compounds needed to prepare blue and green inks were expensive at the time. In addition, they were insoluble in oil. According to some theories, red and black are symbols of day and night.

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