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Associations and business people like to work around MS Outlook as it extensively deals with every one of the exercises on a solitary stage. It assumes a key job in everyday exercises of an association. At the point when a client experiences an Outlook error, it ceases all the present business exercises and transactions.

A specific error in Outlook is that it can make all related applications and files difficult to access. The most well-known error that usually occurs is Error 0x8004060C. There could be various error messages that can experience this specific error:

Error 1: MS Exchange Server Task – The message store has reached its maximum size. To reduce the size of data in this message store, choose some items that you no longer required, and permanently delete them”

Error 2: Task ‘EMAIL ADDRESS’ – Sending & Recieving reported error (0x8004060C): Unknown Error  0x8004060C

Error 3: Task Microsoft Exchange Server – Recieving reported error (0x8004060C):  Unknown Error  0x8004060C

These discussed errors could be brought by numerous physical and intelligent corruption problems experienced by Microsoft Outlook or related projects. Outlook Error 0x8004060C is a consequence of:

  • PST file corrupted
  • Crashing of Exchange Server
  • Virus or malware attacks
  • Improper synchronization between Exchange server and Microsoft Outlook
  • Storage issue of Outlook files

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Considering all these issues there is one common point behind such error is increasing the size of the Outlook PST files. PST file has characterized capacity limit, which when surpassed causes helpless files. There are different approaches to fix this issue permanently or temporarily.

The client can reduce the size of PST file by transferring data from one location to another to make the required space in existing PST files or split it and save in parts at various locations.

Let us see some methods to reduce the size of PST file as mentioned below:-

Empty Deleted Items Folder

Sometimes heavy deleted items folders also occupies complete Outlook file storage at that point it’s an ideal time to clean it. You can either do it manually or use automatic ways to keep it always clean.

Manual Technique

  • Choose & Right click on Deleted Items folder
  • Select Empty folder to clean the folder

Automatic Technique

  • Click on File Tab
  • In the Options tab on Advanced
  • Exit section in the Outlook start and select the checkbox “Empty Deleted Items folders while existing Outlook”
  • Tap on OK Option to save the changes

Clean Duplicate mails

A copy of each mail that you forward to your colleagues in stored in Inbox and your Sent Items folder. Due to this, the duplicate mails occupy large Outlook storage space. To overcome this issue, you can follow the necessary steps:

Manual Trick

  • Click on Sent items folder and sort it by the recipient
  • Tap on the header option to finish the task

Automatic Steps

  • In the file tab, choose options and tap on ‘Save Message’
  • In the send section uncheck the option “Save a copy of forwarded message”.
  • Tap on OK button to save changes

Recover Individual Mails

Anyone can recover the mails in different formats at various locations and store the attachments to a similar location for future utilization. For this reason, users can right tap on email and hit on ‘SAVE AS CHOICE’ to save in required format. Consequently, save the attachment in the same folder.

Create Archive via Outlook

  • Choose Cleanup tools in the file section
  • Tap on Archive option, choose the folder you want to archive
  • Choose “Older than” date option
  • Tap on browse to select the particular location and then enter the name of the file, then tap OK

Automated Solution Using Third-Party Software

If you want to fix the PST files easily, then use a third-party approach that is capable of recovering and break large PST files in small parts.

Final Verdict

Outlook Error 0x8004060C can be easily be resolved using any of the above methods. Some of the methods are time-consuming and complex to finish the whole task, so it better to use the third party tool to solve this error instantly.

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