Tue. Jul 18th, 2023

Do you have your own business mobile app?

Before you answer, let me say that this question has gone outdated.

Today, there’s hardly any startup or established firm who has or is not planning to invest in mobile application development. Mobile applications have become a core part of the business world – offering them a plethora of benefits including higher customer acquisition, real-time communication, more sales, and effective marketing.

But, there’s still one thing that mobile apps are lacking in.

Wondering what it is?

Mobile applications, developed with cutting-edge technologies and technique, demand higher memory space and network speed. They take a bigger part of the device’s memory to run faster and effectively – which not every user is happy with. As a result, either users couldn’t enjoy the finest of services or they uninstall the application, implying lower return value to the businesses entering mobile world.

To overcome this challenge and help businesses to drive higher benefits, a new concept called PWA came into existence – about which we will discuss in this article.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web applications are an extended version of Web apps, i.e, web apps with native app capabilities. These applications run on web browsers just like web application, while have an icon on the home screen, send push notifications, load faster, and work offline just like a native app.

In short, PWAs are a perfect blend of Web and Mobile apps designed especially to help businesses engage customers in a way never existing before.

A PWA comes with a myriad of features and functionalities that make it a better option for business needs, a few of which are:-

1.Faster Loading – With the help of service workers, a PWA starts loading just the moment you tap on the app icon. This makes the waiting time shorter and less annoying for customers.

2.Fresh Content – App developers can directly push an update to the users’ devices, which implies the users need not put any special effort for getting fresh content.

3.Access to Native Device Features – A PWA can access the native mobile app features including push notifications, camera access, in-app payment, etc. which helps in delivering a native-like experience.

4.App Icon on Home Screen – Unlike other web applications, PWA places an app icon on the home screen – increasing the chances of getting noticeable by users.

5.Offline Accessibility – The best part of PWA is that these applications offer access to content even when the network signals are poor. This not only prevents breaking of flow due to network issues, but also saves the battery life.

With this knowledge of what are Progressive web apps and how they are better than websites and mobile apps, you must be wondering what these features mean for the business world. Let’s jump to why you should look into migrating your website to Progressive web app or developing a PWA – but before that, let’s look into what difference these reputed brands gained on investing in PWA development:-

1.Tinder app loading time reduced by 4.69 seconds.
2. Treebo received 4x conversion with a progressive web app.
3. Trivago gained 97% rise in clickout to hotel.
4. Petlove platform found 2.8% increase in conversions.
5. Uber app loaded 3 seconds earlier.

Reasons Businesses Should Consider PWAs

1. Faster App Discovery – While other mobile apps goes live in App stores and compete with hundreds of other similiar applications, a Progressive web app is available directly via a link. It can be easily shareable to anyone and used for gaining its services, implying the hassle associated with app discovery are minimum.

2. Wider Audience Reach – As discussed in the last pointer, a PWA is not confined to any particular app store. They are accessible to both Android and iOS users, which means businesses get a wider user base to engage without creating two different applications for both native platforms.

3.M ore Customer Loyalty – A PWA, like a web application, do not consume device memory storage. Besides, it works using cache data which makes it possible to access app content data easily and quickly even in poor network connection. Because of all these options, a PWA rules the hearts of the users, which eventually improves the customer loyalty rates.

4.Higher Revenue Generation – Another reason why businesses look into PWA development is higher revenue generation possibilities. On one side, a PWA offers higher user re-engagement opportunities, while on the other side, it gives an escape from the fee to be paid to respective app stores for uploading your application or driving higher traction.

Now as you know about PWAs and the benefits of integrating them into your business process, do not sit back. Consult with a reputed PWA design and development company and add value to your business at a skyrocketing speed.

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