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‘Inverter AC’ is becoming highly popular these days, its the most efficient and latest AC Technology. These AC can save 30% to 50% of your electricity, allowing for more power consumption. The BEE has also started giving star ratings to it. The following post is all about the Inverter ACs. It has all the information gathered that will come handy for your next purchase. So, say bye-bye to colossal electricity bills and hot summers. Buy an Inverter AC and save using Croma Offers.

How does AC work?

  •    An air conditioner takes the indoor air, cools it and throws it back.
  •    They have a compressor that compresses the gas.  
  •    Further this, in turn, cools the air.

Regular AC:

  •    In any regular AC, either the compressor is off or on.
  •    When the compressor is on it works at full power. Therefore, it consumes full power. Once the room temperature has reached the set temperature; it stops.
  •    When the room temperature increases; the compressor starts again.

Inverter AC:

  •    The Inverter AC works like a car accelerator.
  •    When it requires more power, there is more energy supplies.
  •    When the compressor needs lesser power, lesser supplies is managed accordingly.
  •    Hence, the compressor is always on. However; the power consumption varies as per the temperature of incoming air.
  •    The power consumption and speed of the compressor is adjusted.
  •    Therefore, Inverter AC saves power consumption.

If you want one, then get yours by using Croma Offers. Thus, you will save on bills as well as purchase.

Benefits of Inverter Technology:

  •    The technology was developed in Japan.
  •    Currently, it is being used in AC as well as refrigerators in the country.
  •    In India, the inverter technology is available only in split ACs.
  •    There are various benefits of inverter Technology based ACs.
  •    Every AC has a maximum peak load.
  •    Therefore every AC is designated for certain room size.
  •    However; not all the rooms are of similar dimensions.
  •    Thus, the Inverter AC will work smartly. It will draw only that much power which sufficiently cools a room.  Hence, room size will determine the amount of energy consumed.
  •    Therefore; it consumes less electricity and cools room perfectly.

However; you should opt for a correctly sized AC for your room. Consult your room size with the seller before making the purchase. It will allow you to enjoy the maximum benefits.

Differences between Inverter AC and regular AC:

  •    Inverter AC has a variable operational speed. They have a variable size as well. Therefore, they work differently from regular ACs.
  •    The Inverter AC will adjust the speed according to the room. Every room has a different heat load. Thus, power consumption is different from every room. But, this doesn’t happen in the regular AC. The power consumption and cooling are constant.
  •    The Inverter ACs is smart and save power consumption. However, the regular ACs are not able to adjust as per room size.
  •    The star ratings of Inverter ACs are 7% more efficient. This efficiency is in terms of energy. This value is in comparison to the regular ACs.
  •    The different factors that control the heat load of a room are:

The season

Number of people

Time of Day

Climate profile of a place

  •    The Inverter ACs can correctly manage all these scenarios. The regular ACs will be consuming constant power in all situations.

Myths about Inverter AC Technology:

  •    Some people claim that inverter Technology based AC is slow. Therefore, they don’t cool well or have slow cooling. But this is not true.
  •    The Inverter ACs adjust the flow rate of refrigerant. This flow rate is fixed as per the heat load. Hence, when the heat is less, the flow is less. And when the heat load is more, the AC works more vigorously.
  •    Therefore, the Inverter AC would never do over cooling like regular AC.
  •    It will maintain the temperature at a cool optimum. It is why people feel that it doesn’t cool.

Best brands for Inverter ACs:

  •    Hitachi
  •    Carrier
  •    Daikin
  •    Godrej
  •    Toshiba
  •    LG
  •    Voltas

So, don’t make this summer season hard on you. Invest in some good quality Inverter AC. Make the Purchase using the Croma Offers. And, save big on AC purchase and electricity bills.


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