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Lion Queens of India

The Gir National Park in India is the last known habitat for Asiatic Lions in the world. Every day brings new challenges. There is no busier wildlife management team in the world. But, there is one crucial fact that makes what’s happening in Gir absolutely unique. The forest guards darting the lions, confronting the leopards, wrestling with pythons and nursing a great crèche of baby animals – have an overwhelming majority of women amongst their ranks. This is perhaps the only women brigade involved in the direct wildlife management of big cats anywhere in the world.

This is a sisterhood, and there’s nothing else like it in the world. They are truly the Lion Queens!

During this film we will get to know the Lion Queens intimately both in their working and private lives. We will, inevitably, encounter some of the most charismatic wildlife India has to offer, Gir is famous for its 400 Asiatic lions but there are also around 500 leopards, over 1000 crocodiles, vast herds of deer, langurs, snakes, hyenas, jungle cats – the park teems with life.

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